Welcome to Lea’s Childcare Services – Your Trusted Daycare for Toddlers in Birmingham

At Lea’s Childcare Services, we understand that toddlers are at a crucial stage of development, eager to explore their surroundings and assert their independence. Our 24 hour daycare in Birmingham for toddlers is designed to provide a nurturing and safe environment where they can grow, learn, and thrive.

With our experienced caregivers and tailored curriculum, we strike the perfect balance between fostering their autonomy and providing the support they need. Located in Birmingham, our center is the ideal place for your toddler to embark on their educational journey while enjoying social interactions and engaging activities.

Why is Daycare Good for Toddlers?

Enrolling your toddler in daycare offers numerous benefits for their overall development:


Toddler child care in Birmingham provides an opportunity for toddlers to interact with their peers, promoting social skills, cooperation, and empathy.

Structured Learning

Our toddler program incorporates age-appropriate activities, stimulating their cognitive, language, and motor skills development.

Routine and Structure

Daycare Our baby daycare in Birmingham establishes a consistent daily routine, helping toddlers develop a sense of stability and predictability.

Exposure to Diversity

Interacting with children from different backgrounds and cultures at daycare exposes toddlers to diversity, fostering inclusivity and tolerance.

How to Dress Toddlers for Daycare

When dressing your toddler for daycare, consider the following tips:


Choose clothes that are comfortable and allow freedom of movement for active toddlers.


Opt for clothing with elastic waistbands, snaps, or Velcro closures for easy diaper changes and independent dressing.


Dress your toddler in layers to accommodate changing temperatures and outdoor playtime.

Label Clothing

Label your toddler’s clothing to prevent mix-ups and ensure their belongings are easily identifiable.

Tips to Choose the Best Daycare for Toddlers

When selecting a daycare for your toddler, keep the following factors in mind:

Safety Measures

Ensure the daycare has secure premises, proper supervision, and safety protocols in place.

Qualified Staff

Inquire about the qualifications, experience, and training of the caregivers who will be responsible for your toddler’s well-being and development.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Look for a daycare that offers a well-rounded curriculum with activities and learning opportunities suitable for toddlers.

Communication and Parent Involvement

Choose a daycare that encourages open communication, provides regular updates on your toddler’s progress, and welcomes parental involvement.

Why Choose Us

Lea’s Childcare Services is your premier choice for daycare for toddlers in Birmingham. Here’s why:

Experienced Caregivers

Our team of experienced caregivers at Toddler Daycare in Homewood understands the unique needs of toddlers and provides individualized attention to support their growth and development.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your toddler, maintaining a secure facility and implementing age-appropriate safety measures.

Engaging Curriculum

Birmingham Toddlers school program offers a balanced curriculum that encourages exploration, learning, and socialization through play-based activities and structured learning opportunities.

Open Communication

We believe in strong parent-provider communication, keeping you informed about your toddler’s daily activities, milestones, and progress.

Choose Lea’s Childcare Services, the best private preschools in Birmingham for an enriching and loving daycare experience that promotes your toddler’s holistic development.